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SEAO Project
(Past) conference (and other) talks (selected):

University of Split (23-24 March 2019), Utterances, subutterances and token-reflexivity & Demonstrating procedures (Tadeusz Ciecierski)
61 Tydzień Filozoficny KUL (Lublin, 8-11 April 2019), Wypowiedzi (Tadeusz Ciecierski)
Philang 2019 (Łódź, 10-12th of May 2019), Formalizing Token-reflexivity and Utterance-reflexivity (Piotr Wilkin)
Philang 2019 (Łódź, 10-12th of May 2019), Utterances (Tadeusz Ciecierski & Paweł Grabarczyk)
Fourth Belgrade Graduate Conference in Philosophy (Belgrade, 10-12th of May 2019), Treating Demonstrations as Features of Contexts. What Can We Gain and Should We Be Scared of Their Ambiguity (Jakub Rudnicki)
Metaphysics 2019 (Dubrovnik, 2-7 June 2019), Utterances (Tadeusz Ciecierski)
XV Zlot Filozoficzny (Kraków, 28-30 of June), Reconciling Intentionalism and Conventionalism about Demonstratives (Jakub Rudnicki)
XV Zlot Filozoficzny (Kraków, 28-30 of June), From distribution to hybridity (Tadeusz Ciecierski)
XI Polski Zjazd Filozoficzny (Lublin, 9-14 of September), Wskazania jako działania (Piotr Makowski & Tadeusz Ciecierski)
XI Polski Zjazd Filozoficzny (Lublin, 9-14 of September), Wyrażenia egzemplarzowo-zwrotne. Formalizacja w stylu Montague (Piotr Wilkin)
14th World Congress of Semiotics (Buenos Aires, September 9-13), Intentional token-reflexivism  (Tadeusz Ciecierski)
Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 2019 (Warsaw, September 20-22), Demonstrations as actions (Tadeusz Ciecierski & Piotr Makowski)
Context 2019 (Trento, November 20-22), Hybrid expressions (Tadeusz Ciecierski)

Upcoming conference (and other) talks:


Papers and publications:

Tadeusz Ciecierski, Hybrid Expressions, [in:] G. Bella, P. Bouquet (eds) Modeling and Using Context, LNAI, Springer, s. 51-61.
Jakub Rudnicki, Centred Propositions, What is Asserted, and Communication, Theoria,
Jakub Rudnicki, The Liar, Contextualism and the Stalnakerian View of Context, Studia Semiotyczne 33(1): 49-57, DOI: 10.26333/sts.xxxiii1.0

Tadeusz Ciecierski  
Institute of Philosophy, University of  Warsaw  
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 3
00-927 Warsaw, Poland
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